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  • Metis 4 for partel (telemac mesh decomposition)
    As metis from version 5.x on has a different API than its predecessors, it breaks telemacs partel. I have created a package with metis 4 for download in the Tools section.
  • Reworked cmake files for Telemac
    The cmake-files got some improvements with regards to MPI handling, building MPI related executables and automatic finding of Fortran source files. If an existing MPI inst
  • New Telemac directory structure
    I have changed the directory structure of the telemac system in the repository in order to improve the workflow between different versions of the software. Different versi
  • Telemac repo moved to github
    After using both gitorious and github for a while, I tend to prefer the latter and therefore moved the Telemac repository to github . The gitorious account still exists an
  • New personal gitorious telemac repository
    All my published changes and addons to the telemac system can now be found in a git repository hosted at . The repository may be cloned at gitorious or may b
  • (Almost) new version of sel2vtk
    Doing an overhaul of this site made me take a closer look at the content. The version of sel2vtk (0.4.1) in the Tools section was (long) outdated. The last version availab

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cmake, github, gitorious, metis, paraview, partel, sel2vtk, selafin, tools

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